rest */*/*/

rest */*/*/
I UK [rest] / US noun
Word forms "rest":
singular rest plural rests
a) [singular] the part of something that remains

I'm not really hungry – do you want the rest?

rest of:

We spent the rest of the day watching TV.

Rain will spread to the rest of the country by evening.

b) the people or things that remain

Jim had become separated from the rest and got completely lost.

rest of:

The rest of the gang's leaders were either dead or in jail.

2) [countable/uncountable] a period of time that you spend relaxing or sleeping after doing something tiring

Can we stop for a minute? I need a rest.

He was ordered to have complete rest after his heart attack.

rest from:

She took a well-earned rest from her studies.

take/have a rest:

He took a short rest in the afternoon.

get some rest:

You should go and get some rest before tonight's performance.

3) [countable] an object used for supporting something

"Well?" she demanded, as he replaced the receiver on its rest.

a) [countable] music a pause of a particular length in a piece of music. For example a breve rest is the length of a breve.
b) a symbol written on a piece of music showing how long this pause is

and (all) the rest (of it)informal used at the end of a list for referring to other similar people or things that you have not mentioned

There's so much competition from satellite TV, local radio, and the rest.

lay/put something to rest — to finally show that something is not true

Their smiling faces laid to rest the stories of an impending divorce.

history, lay I, wicked II, mind I

II UK [rest] / US verb
Word forms "rest":
present tense I/you/we/they rest he/she/it rests present participle resting past tense rested past participle rested
a) [intransitive] to spend a period of time relaxing or sleeping after doing something tiring

It would be nice to sit down and rest for a while.

She rested in her chair with her head back.

b) [transitive] to not use a part of your body that is tired or injured so that it can get better
rest your eyes:

He read to her for an hour while she rested her eyes.

a) [transitive] to put something somewhere for support, especially a part of your body
rest something on/against something:

She rested her head against a cushion.

He picked up his briefcase, resting it on the desk.

b) [intransitive] to be supported on, against, or in something
rest on/against/in:

John was now asleep, with his head resting on my shoulder.

3) [intransitive] if your eyes rest on someone or something, you look at that person or thing for a period of time
rest on:

She let her gaze rest on his face for a moment.

4) [intransitive] a word meaning to be buried somewhere, used when you think it will upset someone if you say this word
rest in/beside etc:

He rests in Oakhampton churchyard.

I/we etc will not rest until... — used for emphasizing that you will not stop until you have achieved your aim

We will not rest until we bring the criminals to justice.

Phrasal verbs:
assured, easy II, let I

English dictionary. 2014.

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